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6 Ways To Help Yourself Study More Effectively


To develop good skills of studying is a matter of personal willingness. The more willing you are to make your studying capability better, the more it will help you become a good student.

Do Your Revisions:

Most of the students just forget to revise the topic until it is time for another class. According to some surveys, many students tend to forget what has been discussed in the class right after 24 hours. Therefore, to retain all the information in your mind, it is advisable to revise the topic at least within 12 hours or just before going to bed. Recalling will help you keep the main points in mind.

While revising, you can highlight the part that you find difficult to understand and you can later ask your professor to explain it to you in the next class.

Sit In A Distraction Free Place:

When you really need to concentrate on your studies, then you should find yourself a calm and discreet place to study. If you live in a big family, then lock yourself in your room or go to terrace alone. You can also sit in your car or your garden etc. If you know it’s hard for you to take time out to study at home, then you must spend more time in library of your college, studying your college course books or prepping up yourself for upcoming assessments.

Library is the best place to study without any sorts of distractions. Thus, it is better to choose your college library whenever you plan to study alone and with complete focus.

Stay Wide Awake While Studying:

It happens with most of the students that they suddenly feel sleepy whenever they try to read something. Your posture can play a crucial role in this situation. If you are lying down on your bed freely and trying to study, then obviously you can’t study well and soon you will feel like sleeping.

Try to avoid studying on your bed and go for your study table and sit straight while studying. Also, to feel active, make use of highlighters or pencil to mark something important.

Memorise In A Way To Never Forget:

There are many useful tips you can get hold of to boost up your memorisation skills.

Flash cards: Flash card technique is used in school for primary level students. You can also make use of them in order to memorise the topic well.

You can also create flash cards over internet by using various applications online.

Be more creative by using mnemonics to help you through your memorising task. Mnemonics is a learning technique that helps you keep information in your mind for a long time.

Don’t Study On An Empty Stomach:

If you are trying to study on an empty stomach, then you shouldn’t waste your time, as you will not be able to concentrate on your studies. Always when you sit to study, keep your coffee and some snacks like sandwich, chips or chocolates by your side. Even keeping things in front of you will not let you feel hungrier and this way you don’t even have to get up and go out to get something to eat when you feel hungry.

Also keep lots of water with you. Our brain is 90% water, so if you keep on sipping up a glass of water every now and then, your brain can actually work better.

Be More Focused In Your Actions:

When you know you have to study then you must make your will power strong to get it done right. Most of the students just plan and plan a lot, but they are unable to fulfill their plans.

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