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How College Student Should Deal With Lazy Group Members

Many students are afraid of the college projects not because they are not willing to do that project or are not capable of getting it done but mainly due to the members assigned to your group. In college, usually the professor assigned group members and students have to stick with it as they do not have any other option.

The project given to you may be tough but it becomes tougher if you are unfortunately associated with lazy group members. Lazy group members create trouble in getting the project done on time. Due to which the other group members have to face consequences such as low grades or marks.

How To Deal With Lazy Group Members

And if the group wants to get the project done in timely manner, the active group members have to assist the lazy ones along with getting their own task done. Furthermore, students have to get coursework done in order to get good grades which can be affected by assisting them.

In short, there can be many severe consequences that you and other active group members may have to face due to few lazy group members. However, adherence to the given tips can help you deal with them and get your project submitted on time.

1. Assign The Tasks:

The first and foremost thing is to divide the tasks among your group members. The active students are likely to suggest what task they want to do or what task they can get done efficiently. However, the lazy ones always wanted to find a way in which they don’t have to do anything or do less as compared to other group members.

Therefore, it would be your responsibility to analyse what skills they have to assign them a task that they can easily get done on time. The reason why you need to analyse their skills is because if you will assign them something that they have not get done prior, they will come up to you in the end with lame excuses and blaming their inability or laziness on assigning the wrong task to them.

2. Notify Them About The Changes:

One of the most important things that you will need to deal with the lazy members of your group is to notify them about the changes that your supervisor has asked to do. The reason why you will need to notify them is that the lazy members are not likely to attend class regularly and are not likely to know what has been taught during the day they were absent.

Therefore, it would be your duty to let them know about the changes that have been asked to be made in the project and if you will not notify them on your own, they will blame you in the end of not telling them about that particular thing.

3. Take Updates On Regular Basis:

Another important thing that you will need to get work done from them is to take updates on regular basis. Active members are likely to schedule their weekly task and get it done by the end of the week. However, the lazy ones keep the entire task for the last day. Therefore, you will need to take updates on the regular basis about the work that was assigned to them. Make sure to save their replies so that they cannot say that they have not said anything like that.

4. Warn Them:

In case, you are not able to get the task done from them, then the only way left is to warn them. Tell them if they will not come up with the task that was assigned to them, you would report that to supervisor who will then deal the matter accordingly. Warning them about their behaviour is important because people having such nature are not likely to start working unless they are forced to do that.

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