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Little Known Ways Technology Has Changed The College Experience

Technology has made advancement in every field of life. However, education is one of the few fields which it has changed greatly. Technology has played vital role not only in changing the methods of teaching and learning but also changed the entire college life experience for students making it easier for students to study more effectively.

Ways Technology Has Changed The College Experience

The changes it has made are not only related to the educational aspects but it also has made socializing easier for the freshmen. Given below are the ways technology has the college life experience for the students.


1)      Information On The Go:

The first and foremost change in the learning methods due to the advancement in the field of education is the availability of information.  Prior to the internet and search engines, students have to go to their campus library or local library to get information on their assignment.

However, now with the internet and smart search engines, you do not need to turn over thousands of pages of hundreds of books just to find a definition or solution of your query. All you need is to enter the query in search engine and you will be provided with hundreds of search results having information on the topic you are looking for.

2)      Sharing Work With Group Members Via Apps:

One of the most complicated things that students, who have studied without internet facility, had encountered was sharing the work with their classmates or group members especially when working on a project. Traditionally, all group members have to gather at a single place to share their work with each other and decide what to do next. However, now with the help of smart apps, the data can be shared with group members and work progress of all members can be determined in real-time.


1)      Social Media Building Strong Support System:

In this era, no one can neglect the influence of social media on people of every age, especially the teenagers. Besides having fun, social media platforms are also building a strong support system for international students by keeping them in touch with their family and friends helping them get succeed. However, one needs to have control over the usage of the social media. If you will start using a lot, it will become a distraction in your studies and you will not be able to focus on your ultimate goal i.e. to score good grades in your examinations.

2)      Communication With Peers And Teachers:

Another outstanding benefit of the technology or more specifically social media platforms is that they serve as communication platforms with peers and teachers. With the social media, you can easily stay in contact with your teachers and classmates and get answers of your questions by mentioning them in your tweet or sending message on Facebook. With the recent option of attachment in Facebook, you can also use it as a medium to share files with your group members.

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