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How do you ensure confidentiality in your services?


ANSWER: We are a genuine business and, thus, respect the privacy of our customer and protect it in all circumstances. By getting our professional services, you can feel unworried about the confidentiality of your personal information. We apply the best practices to ensure that your personal details are safe. Rest assured your personal information will never be accessible to anyone other than the authorised personnel.


: What is the surety that you create only plagiarism-free contents?


ANSWER: We are a professional and authentic business which only relies on its trustworthy team for every assignment. We have a skilled and experienced staff of experts and academic writers who can write any paper. So we have no reasons to provide you with copied contents.


Can you deliver time-sensitive papers?


ANSWER: Certainly. We are a committed and dedicated team of professionals who can provide any urgent paper without any delay. Our team work day in and day out to ensure that an order is delivered on time.


Will you allow me if I tell my family and buddies about your service?


ANSWER: Of course. In fact, we will be more than happy if you promote our business in your circles of family and friends. We are a serious business and therefore understand the importance of exposure to the target audience. So yes, you can spread our name to your network of family, friends and colleagues.


Tell me about your current packages and discount offers.


ANSWER: To ease the financial burden of students, we offer them various luscious bonuses on regular basis. We provide these cuts in our rates to facilitate our customers with the most affordable package according to their buying power. To know more about rates, view our PRICES page.


What is the procedure to make immediate inquiries?


ANSWER: No worries. For your convenience, we have allocated different modes of communication for any inquiries. You can contact us through live chat, contact-us form or hotline number.


How do you deliver an order?


ANSWER: We have a very systematic and simple method to deliver an order. Once an order is completed and all the payments are made, we send the order directly to the email address of the client. Remember that we do not charge any additional fee for the delivery service.


Do you provide revisions to your customers? If yes, how many revision requests are acceptable?


ANSWER: We understand the sensitivity of academic papers and this is why we make sure that your paper is 100% accurate and as per your precise instructions. Nonetheless, there are possibilities of minor errors or discrepancies. In that event, we offer our clients the facility for revisions until they are totally satisfied. You can ask for as many revisions as you want without paying a cent.


What is your opinion on getting professional academic writing help?


ANSWER: We believe that it is the fundamental right of a student to seek any sort of help in cases when they are struggling with a project. In our opinion, there is no way out for students when they cannot write a paper due to lapse in writing skills or lack of time. In such situations, it is totally justified for the students to pursue a professional service to accomplish their papers.


Are there any rules that I must obey to cancel an order?


ANSWER: Coursework Labs define certain rules for the customers to cancel an order. Therefore, the customers must understand these rules before attempting a cancellation process. To know the rules to cancel an order, you must read our ‘Terms and Conditions’.


Do you offer refund to your customers?


ANSWER: Absolutely. Depending on the validity of a request, we provide refund to our customers. To know the requisites for a refund, you must read our ‘Terms and Conditions’.


Give me a description of your services.


ANSWER: Coursework Labs is a custom writing service that handles coursework papers. Our team is specialised in writing any type of coursework regardless of the topic. Furthermore, we offer help in other domains of expert writing which include: topic selection, planning, outlining, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading and formatting.


What are your different modes of payments?


ANSWER: We follow mainstream payment system and therefore receive payments through popular credit cards and wire transfer methods, such as Visa Card, Master Card, American Express and PayPal etc.


Is there any exact number of customers you have helped so far?


ANSWER:We do not market our business by keeping the number of our customers and then putting it on our website. On the contrary, we believe that a company is as good or bad as its quality of services. However, we have maintained a portfolio of our previous work that you can check for your satisfaction. Click here to view our Samples.


Do you have any system for Customer Relation Management?


ANSWER: Sure. We are a key player in academic writing industry and understand that the customers need our assistance at every step. Considering this in mind, we have created FAN PAGES of our services on popular social media websites that include Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. You can contact us through these fan pages and post your comments about our services.


Give me the instructions to place an order.


ANSWER: It is very simple and straightforward. Just fill out our order form with the pertinent information which consists of your name, email and contact details. Furthermore, you must give details of your paper along with the date of delivery. The specific details of your paper include academic level, standard of quality, number of pages and the type of paper. As you submit the order form, our Customer Support Representative will communicate with you for further details.


Is there any automated application involved in writing a paper?


ANSWER: Keep in mind that we do not use any automated tools or application to create a paper. We have complete faith on the skills and expertise of our competent team and never engage in any technical means to create a paper. Rest assured, we only provide our customers original and plagiarism-free paper.


How will you guarantee accurate formatting of my paper?


ANSWER: We have a team of the most proficient and experienced academic writers who have the knowledge of various citation styles, such as Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Oxford, MLA and APA etc. So relax and get our professional services for any type of paper.


Give me an overview of your newsletter service.


ANSWER: Coursework Labs send newsletters to customers to notify them about its latest services, promotional offers and special discounts etc. However, we only send newsletters to the customers who are our subscribers. So if you want to know the latest developments in our services, you must first get yourself registered with our website.

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