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No one can deny the sad truth that statistics is a strenuous and taxing subject in the UK. A lot of students feel like pulling their hair out when they begin working on this task. This is why it's absolutely normal to feel angry as soon as you are asked by your professor to produce an exceptional stats coursework in a matter of days only.

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Remember…Statistics is a very important subject. A lot of companies depend on stats for growth and success in the future. Here are a few examples for you:

  • Marketing companies use stats to determine how successful a product or service will be in a particular region. If the stats are promising, then the company will invest. If they are not promising, then the company will keep their money safe.
  • Healthcare companies utilise the power of stats to determine how far a disease has spread. Thus, they can determine how fast it will grow in the future and what they will have to do to stop it.
  • Government agencies use stats to find out how they can enjoy more growth in various sectors.

As you can see, stats is a subject with practical applications. Thus, it can't be taken lightly. If you make the mistake of taking it lightly, you will mess up your grades badly.

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