Coursework Labs is a refined academic writing company that ensures the ultimate level of quality service. It is a law-abiding organisation and has therefore set forth specific rules for its clients. This is why we request our clients to fully understand the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before attempting to use any of its services.

Terms of Use

  • Coursework Labs strictly prohibits the use of its model papers other than the academic purpose. We follow all the business laws and therefore strongly despise any act of piracy or plagiarism.
  • Our team is consisted of only highly competent and skilled academic writers who create papers from scratch.
  • The company and customer are in a mutual contract and therefore must abide by the clauses of the contract till the completion of paper and its final delivery.
  • We guarantee that every assignment is written according to the specifications of the customers.
  • The customers must give in all the details in the order form. But if the customer misses any crucial details, the client can share them through our Customer Support Service.

Privacy Policy

  • Private Information

We need private information of customers to handle a paper. This information is comprised of their name, email and contact details. The customer can hide the name at his/her discretion and use an alias instead. The contact information is instrumental in completing an order and therefore mandatory in the order form. If the contact details are not accurate, the company will not process the order any further. We assure that all the information of the customer is secured via an infallible server.

  • Use Of Private Information

We use the private information of our customers to carry out an order and communicate with the clients. Besides, the company uses the customer’s private information to notify them about the latest developments in our services, new offers and special event packages. We assure that the customer’s private information will never be available to any third party.

  • Use Of Web-Based Information

We check IP address and cookies of the visitors who surf on our website. This information is crucial for examining the website and optimising web pages that are not up to the mark. This also allows us to revise our web pages with the most up-to-date information.

Refund Policy

If the customer has concerns about his/her paper despite the 7 set of revisions, the company will either:

  • Allocate a new team of experts if we feel that the paper can be completed within the given period of time
  • Or,

  • Disburse the payment to the customer
  • Contact And Dispute Policy

  • If the customer is not fully content with the final draft, the customer must inform us prior to hiring any third party.
  • If both the disputants, i.e. Coursework Labs and customer, fail to reach a mutual agreement within 14 days, the client will then be free to hire any third party for arbitration.
  • If the customer violates the contract, necessary steps will be taken to deal with the matter.

Cancellation Policy

Coursework Labs has the rights to cancel a paper in the given cases:
  • If the company cannot assign an appropriate team to accomplish a paper
  • If we cannot compete a paper due to any unexpected circumstances
  • If the customer disobeys any of the clauses of ‘Terms and Conditions’, the company will be entitled to call off the order at any time.

NOTE: If we process an order request but fail to complete the paper as a result of any unpredicted situation, the company will hand over the refund to the client as compensation for his/her loss of time.

Delivery Agreement

  • We ensure timely delivery of every order, even if it is for urgent basis
  • The company delivers every paper in the precise format as given by the customer
  • We also clarify that we will offer free delivery of the order

Customer Support Service

  • The company will provide assistance to the clients through its Customer Support Service
  • We will appoint an exclusive team of Customer Support Representatives until the completion of a paper

No Plagiarism

  • The company pledge that it will provide only original and plagiarism-free paper to the clients
  • We attest the originality of a paper by providing an anti-plagiarism report along with the final draft

NOTE: By agreeing to our ‘Terms and Conditions’, the customers endorse that the Coursework Labs can add or amend any statements mentioned above. However, the customers will be emailed about the latest amendments.


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